Saturday, January 30, 2010

Karma Police: or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love Regret

Dear person ahead of me at the Geek Squad desk @ the Best Buy in Westwood with the virus soaked Sony Vaio laptop,

I overheard your conversation and I was utterly disgusted with what the Geek Squad was suggesting to do to fix your critical virus issue ("have you considered buying a new laptop?").  What I wanted to yell was "For the love of god do not pay the $350+ they are asking for to 'restore the OS'"..and please ignore the additional $85 to "try" and first clear the viruses.  I'd hope that the "we'll try..but it won't work" instilled the proper level of confidence in their quality of service.   I know I should have acted sooner and stopped you before you left the store (in tears?) and offered my skills for karma's sake...but I wanted to make sure my sub-woofer got checked in before I crossed the line w/ the Geek Squad jerks.  They can be quite petty when you overstep them.  Selfish, I know...but I need the bass ready for the premiere of Lost on Tuesday.  I'm sure you can understand.  Please know I immediately regretted my feckless behavior. In an effort to right the karma ship I made an excuse to step out to the parking lot to track you down.  Sadly by that time you had jetted off in full Verbal Knit/Keyser Soze mode and I was a lost and dejected Agent Kujan. 

Please accept my deepest apologies and if you read this I'll fix you up for free.

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