Sunday, April 8, 2007

Everybody's working for the weekend: or How I learned to stop worrying and download porn

(this is an oldie but a goodie...I had to bring it over from myspace)

Check this out.

At work we had a bandwith issue (deal with the over the top geekiness of this paragraph) due to people streaming audio (online stations, yahoo launchcast, etc). My solution for a compromise between the Tech people and the music lovers was to push ITUNES on all the users..and to promote the "network sharing" aspect.

I've set people up through our network here to "Share" music through itunes. You can listen to anyone's music when they are logged in to itunes(only if they set it to "share") It's a cool thing. You can try out new music from other users, etc (you HOWEVER can not suck their music out on to your ipod.)

Now, if u were to install limewire on your pc (and you share your music via itunes) it will automatically create a shared "my limewire files" on your itunes playlists. Not so good, as work frowns upon limewire (rightfully so). This is easy to turn off, but the common joe might not know to do it (or how to). Furthermore, said user would never know to look for it as everyone else sees your shared lists. You don't. You see everyone else's.

See below.

This guy has been downloading porn...and everyone can see it.
He's gonna be in for a world of hurt. I would pay money to sit in on that awkward confrontation. Poor guy.

He's just lookin' for a little "ass parade" at work.

Onion Booty? WTF?

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