Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Imagine All the People Crying as One

John Lennon seen counting his royalty checks in Heaven


Imagine my excitement as I read the following headline on Pitchfork: "
Postal Service, Flaming Lips, Spektor Cover Lennon."

Awesome right?

As i read on and found out that it was a 21 song cover album of Lennon's hits,
w/ all the proceeds headed straight to Amnesty International's campaign to save Darfur, i was even more excited. 21 awesome Lennon songs...all for a good cause. It feels like the Free Love 60's baby! We can make a difference! The spirit of John Lennon lives on!

Then I saw the track listings:

Two cracks at "Imagine" and our choices are Avril Friggin Lavigne or Jack Johnson??? Come On! Who decided this? You know what I can live with this. I'll just avoid those tracks. No version of "Imagine" could ever compare to the original anyway . Lets check out some other tracks.

Disc 1:

01 U2 - "Instant Karma"
02 R.E.M. - "#9 Dream"
03 Christina Aguilera - "Mother"
04 Aerosmith - "Give Peace a Chance"
05 Lenny Kravitz - "Cold Turkey"
06 Los Lonely Boys - "Whatever Gets You Through the Night"
07 Corinne Bailey Rae - "I'm Losing You"
08 Jakob Dylan [ft. Dhani Harrison] - "Gimme Some Truth"
09 Jackson Browne - "Oh My Love"
10 Big & Rich - "Nobody Told Me"

Disc 2:

01 Green Day - "Working Class Hero"
02 Black Eyed Peas - "Power to the People"
03 Jack Johnson - "Imagine"
04 Snow Patrol - "Isolation"
05 Matisyahu - "Watching the Wheels"
06 Ben Harper - "Beautiful Boy"
07 Postal Service - "Grow Old With Me"
08 Jaguares - "Gimme Some Truth"
09 Avril Lavigne - "Imagine"
10 The Flaming Lips - "(Just Like) Starting Over"
11 Regina Spektor - "Real Love"

Oh sweet...the Black Eyed Peas managed to squeeze their suckiness into this. At least they're doing my least favorite song. Should be funny to see how they incorporate Fergie's talents into this track. The same can be said for Aerosmith and "Give Peace a Chance".

(totally unrelated sidenote: I had a friend in college who often went out to bars and clubs at night in a "Give Pizza a Chance" t-shirt. I'm pretty sure he's still a virgin.)

REM doing #9 Dream should be interesting. I had no idea they were still around. I haven't heard a song from them since "Nightswimming". Good for them.

Do you want to know what is monumentally not good? Big and fucking Rick and Matisyahu doing "Nobody Told Me" and "Watching The Wheels" respectively. These two songs are my favorite Lennon solo tracks...and conversely these are two of my least favorite artists. Are the good people of Amnesty International fucking with me?

Related side note: Matisyahu is huge in LA. I don't get it. I'd ask someone to explain his draw...but I don't want to know. Matisyahu and Snow are the same to me!


Alaina said...

why are you hating on jack johnson!?!?!? last time we were at second spin i think i saw brushfire fairytales in your collection!

Felicia said...

While in Fiji we had this guide (imagine typical Fijian, burly man) who would take us around on our tour bus and explain the upcoming Fijian attraction we were abut to participate in(donned in flowery island shirt and matching man-skirt). However the authenticity of the experience was often yanked out from underneath of us when his phone would start ringing and it was REM's "Losing My Religion." That is my REM thought for the day.

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