Friday, August 17, 2007

Fantasyland: or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love Ruining Someone's Career

2007-2008 AGS Draft Lottery

Since the old Hatgame site has gone the way of the dinosaurs I decided the easiest way to announce this year's draft slots would be to blog it. Shameless self promotion I know. This Lottery was produced by The Commish, Jimmy, and myself. Good luck to all.

14: Fighting Irish: One word, Genius

13: 56: Hard to watch

12: Chungking Express: Chung swears by this please add to your netflix queue

11: Snoops: So many clips to choose from..lets go with him shitting on Papa Bear.

10: Hand Release: I'm glad i searched for a "hand release" clip at home and not at work)

9: Skins: Worst name ever. You deserve no video. Don't Pass Go, Don't Collect $200

8: Dances w/ Hookers: Conversely, this is the Best Team Name Ever (the video clearly corroborates this statement)

7: East Lincoln Boys: The 80's trend continues. Sandimas Rules!

6: J.E.T.S (jets jets jets): The "I wanna kiss you" clip would have been too easy...

5: Mt Boo: We've missed you buddy!

4: 20 Sided Die: Fruchtman's alter ego was inspired by this band. True story: I talked to the band and asked them to play "The Die's" wedding. They were game...his fiancee was not. Sad story I know.

3: Units: who knew Randy Johnson had a sense of humor...
2: Milk: easily the weirdest clip of the bunch...must have scared kids off of milk for life. Generation X i.e. The Brittle Bone Generation

1: The Jerkstore: I realize that having the #1 pick and also being 1/3 of the lottery committee (and announcer) might appear to be shady. I promise you its was 100% on the up and up. Sidenote: This all but gaurantees a huge devastating (possibly even career ending) injury for LT(2.0).

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Alaina said...

please do not put the words injury and LT in the same sentence.

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