Friday, February 23, 2007

Are you too good for your Haus?

Last night was a blur.

I woke up this morning and my glasses were nowhere to be found. I blame it all on (that's right, running theme) Tequila.

Backstory gist: Tequila was the worst and first thing i ever got drunk sick on back in highschool. Since then every whiff brings me back to that day. Kind of like when a smell reminds you of a girl, or a childhood memory...only this would be a childhood memory of a girl covered in vomit.

I've officially lost my train of thought.

Back to Tequila. So last night while enjoying giant Coronas at Cabo we befriended a raw and explosive dude who insisted on doing shots. I suggested my go to shot of choice, Black haus.

Note to self: Don't suggest any shots named "black ____" to raw and explosive strangers.

Insert awkward silence, followed by confused looks and drunken stammering. Apparently Black Haus is not served on the west coast. It was as if i fabricated a racist liquor, like White Power Vodka or Honkey Juice. Can someone please tell me these things before i turn the bar into Watts 2007. I suppose offering fried chicken and watermelon along with the Black Haus was probably over doing it.....but its the House (not Haus) special.

After we held our own personal million man march in cabo we drank our shot.

Fast forward to me this morning with my wallet empty and missing my glasses. On the plus side a good portion of my work morning was spent being drunk still, which is always fun. Its comparable to the day before a holiday. You can almost stand to talk to your co-workers. Sadly, the ensuing hangover comes to crush your spirits around lunch time. Its inevitable.

so what have we learned?

That's right NOTHING. Anything learned has vanished into the black (haus) cloud named "last night". I knew i should have gone to the gym instead. Damn you Cabo.

side note: No myspacin' last night...not that i'd remember. I wanted to include a pic of a calendar with the day crossed out like you see in so many movies. I googled "calendar cross out" and one of the first images was this beauty

Which of course lead me to everyone's favorite site Wikipedia. Thanks to that glorious site I've learned the following about Lucy:

Lucy Katherine Pinder (b. 20 December 1983 in Winchester, Hampshire, England) is a glamour model notable for her large breasts. Unlike most glamour models, Pinder refuses to pose for photographs showing her nipples, although she often poses topless with her nipples barely covered. She is regularly photographed breast-to-breast with other glamour models, including Michelle Marsh and Sophie Howard.She lists some of her dislikes as clowns (especially Pennywise from It), wasps and racism.

She must also detest Black Haus. And that ladies and gentlemen is what we call bringing it back full circle.

yours always and forever

Deltron 3030

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Stephanie said...

weak attempt at bringing that back 'full circle'...we actually call that a stretch. BUT - - another gem of a blog for you deltron. see, mine goes something like this - - - un, duex, trois, du miroir mirror

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