Thursday, June 28, 2007

Truly the Best Buys: or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love like Canadians

Fact: I'm a sucker.

Allow me to expand on that very correct and concise statement: I'm a sucker for sales. There are two types of sales I can not turn down.

1) Supermarket "volume sales" - I went to Vons looking to pick up some 1% milk (that's right, since moving to LA my roommates have weened me off whole milk. It seems the same now.) Somehow on my way to the milk i ended up with 12 vitamin waters, 12 gatorades, 6 boxes of french bread pizza (2 in each box, equalling, that's right, 12. Its a magic number) and 5 boxes of cereal (two crispix, and three rasin brans). My fridge now looks like a deli case and even worse, there's less room for beer. On the plus side when my parents watch my episode of MTV Cribs they'll have a false sense of pride thinking that I'm taking care of myself. Not true Fran and Del. Not true.

2) Best Buy "bargain dvd sales bins" - I took a nice leisurely stroll to Best Buy today because a friend needed to pick up some headphones. Of course I made a b-line straight for the DVD bin. Normally its consists of titles that can be purchased for $5. Today it was $7.50, I think because of the stellar quality of titles to choose from. Regardless of the mark up its still a steal. AT the low low cost of $15 I can now add "Three Amigos" & "The Great Outdoors" to my collection. Two great movies, starring the Canadian Frat pack of the 1980's: Martin Short, John Candy, and Dan Akroyd. People always shit on Canada, present company included, but they did give us those three guys, plus "You Can't Do That On Television" and some real solid bands (Arcade Fire, Stars, Broken Social Scene). All of that AND Pamela Anderson!

Even still I CANNOT forgive them for Nickelback!
Who buys their albums!? Seriously.

Back to the dvd. The Three Amigos case looked pretty old, possibly the first dvd ever. No mention on the case if it was wide screen or full screen. I flagged a salesperson down and reeking of last nights redbull & vodka I said, with a straight face "Excuse me miss, is this Three Amigos dvd wide screen or regular? If its full screen its kind of a deal breaker!"

The look of disgust on her face was priceless.

Truth be told I didn't really care. I was buying it regardless of the film format. I just didn't think I'd ever have an opportunity to vocalize such a ridiculous question. You have to embrace the opportunities life, and Best Buy, throw out at you.

This made me think. I'm throwing the gauntlet down. Go out and try and spout some nonsense to a stranger. Any venue any statement. The more ridiculous the better. Go out and try and top me. I'll add it to the bottom of the blog.

Consider it a challenge. Like Fight Club, but with less blood.

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