Saturday, January 3, 2009

Saturdaze: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Misc Thoughts


Whole Foods, I don’t care for your antics one bit. You are the Urth Cafe of super markets. I'm not impressed with your wide variety of micro brews and fine cheeses. My money goes to Von’s every time. With that said I do appreciate your efforts to class up the Lincoln/Rose Intersection. If only this beautiful mural was around that night I got lost in Venice. It would have been a grand landmark that maybe would have helped me avoid following my “spirit guide”. A long story of shame that shall not be shared here at this time.


While waiting for playoff football to start I saw a commercial for Pizza Hut. In this commercial they did the ol’ Folger’s Crystals bait and switch move. Everyone was popping boners over some craptastic “multi grain” pizza that had allegedly been hand prepared by some woman. You know how the rest goes...

Now the truly disturbing part was after the big reveal they touted the great ingredients w/ included “all natural pepperoni”. WTF Pizza Hut! What was I eating before?


If I've learned one thing from my DVR and "How I Met Your Mother" it is that I can expect my voice to change for a second time as I get older. Hopefully I’ll get a sweet James Earl Jones or creepy Gary Busey voice instead of a lame Bob Saget one. I think HIMYM also taught me that I can be hilarious for 25 minutes and then do a quick 180 and suck for five minutes and no one will hold it against me.


I just recently saw the trailer and i have to say a smartly edited trailer mixed with a great song makes me an easy sell.

  • Trailer 1 = a movie I'd wait to Netflix.
  • Trailer 2 = A movie i would definitely go check out. Great use of the Decemberists.

Good work trailer #2 editor.

trailer 1:

Trailer 2:


Anonymous said...

I'd imagine the whole foods probably would've been a too much to handle yet a great point of reference.

Deltron3030 said...

ha, perhaps.

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