Thursday, March 1, 2007

LOST: A Recap

My ordered thoughts about last night's Hurley episode:

1) Soooo, the Dharma guy crashed his hippie van, and his last thought and action before dying was "let me take the key out the ignition"????

2) As bad as Paulo and Nikki are I can live with them...because Nikki is friggin hot.

3) How many times can Jin give Sun one single flower and she be blown away by the romantic gesture. I need to find a girl like this. Seriously.

4) Cheech Marin's toupee in the "Hurley as a skinny kid, who replaces his dad's affection with food flashback" was easily the best part of the episode.

5) Loved Hurley's "Sorry Tricia Tanaka" line.

6) I felt like I was watching "Little Miss Sunshine".

7) We need more Desmond!

8) Eight, i forgot what eight was for

9) Is for progress. Next week's looks like a big one. I like.

10) Is for everything is still much worse on TV. (sans heroes/24)

Bottom line: This was not as good as the Desmond Episode. That said, it was FAR better than the Jack one from last week.

side note: i put on ABC 15 mins before Lost and was forced to watch whatever program was on. Bizarre show.

  • Jonathon "Weekend @ Bernie's" Silverman
  • David Arquette
  • Lori Laughlin (Aunt Becky from "Full House, or for the peeps in the know, Christian from "RAD")
  • Jane Seymour (she's certainly created a new career for herself w/ that "call me kitty cat!" line from "Wedding Crashers")
  • Kelly Hu (i.e the Hot Girl, who, after IMDB'ing this AM i learned, was the love interest of Mike Seaver in the Hawaiian vacation 2 part episode of "Growing Pains")
I've said too much

Just super odd casting. It was actually kind of funny...for an ABC sitcom that is.


Alaina said...

10) Is for everything is still much worse on TV. (sans heroes/24)

what about jericho and the office?! definitely better than lost.

Stephanie said...

the looks that are exchanged between jin and sun are painful...the big surprised eyes, followed by the bow of the head, a nod, and a slight smile. YEAH, we get it habla's the only way you can show that you're still a man, that and catching fish with your bare hands.

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