Friday, March 23, 2007

On the Darkside...

The Arcade Fire: Neon Bible

This album is beyond awesome. That's right, I just said "beyond awesome." Deal with it. This album needs to be listened to by all. Its so good even those hipster snobs over at Pitchfork gave it a glowing review. It just grows and grows.

I mentioned to someone that "(Antichrist Television Blues)" & " Keep The Car Running" reminded me of Bruce Springsteen meets the music from "Eddie and the Cruisers". I was deeply saddened (or was it embarrassed) when my friend had no idea what I was talking about. I wanted to say "download 'on the darkside' asap". I instead said "Nevermind".

Either way, the album is great. Some might say better than their debut "Funeral". I'd agree

Track it down now on Limewire or Itunes.

Unrelated side note: I miss my Russian mafia mp3 fix. The thought of
paying for the volume of data downloaded, not for individual songs always felt like harmless "stealing" . Almost as if i were giving back to the artists. I'm guessing the $1.67 trillion lawsuit filed by the major labels means they feel a bit differently then I. Greedy bastards. How am I expected to make more mix cds for people if I have to actually pay for the music.

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