Sunday, September 16, 2007

Austin day 3 4:30: Bloc Party

Sitting through the horrendous Ben Kweller set and the hour set break in the blazing sun was totally worth it. Bloc Party killed it. Its my third time seeing them and they never get old.

The hour wait was pretty rough. Made bearable only because I made friends with two angry women from Charlotte who were "spot nazis". They wouldnt let anyone get past them. They were pretty intense. I think they made a fourteen year old kid cry. Needless to say I thought they were awesome.

Two things I noticed during the bloc party set:

1). Crowd surfing is borderline impossible in this day and age due to camera phones and digital cameras. The crowd is a sea of Rick Allens.

Surfers can not be supported by the one armed masses. I learned this when I saw the one attempted surf come crashing down to the ground straight on his back. Poor bastard. When i say poor bastard I mean ME because I didnt have my camera ready for the impact money shot.

2) Garreth from the BBC's version of "The Office" is the guitarist for Bloc Party. I have photographic evidence to back this up.

on to Wilco..

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