Friday, September 14, 2007

City Limits: DAY 1: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Austin

6:00pm Austin Hilton: What am I doing back @ the Hotel and not getting ready for the QOTSA you ask? Great Question. That's a whole new blog that will happen shortly. Lets just say Lady Karma, even if you treat her right, is a skanky ass two timing whore!

3:35 Peter Bjorn & John:
I chose them over Blonde Redhead and never looked back! I don't like Gingers...even if its only a clever band name. Good band banter and they made fun of Pete Yorn. Plus they brought in a cute blonde to sing the "young folks" duet.

2:30: Our first fire...and no more Pete Yorn (not such a bad thing)!

Time to show ACL my inner thug life. Tupac style. . On to Peter Yorn.

2:11 Still Joseph Arthur: Uh oh, the chorus to this song is "May God's love be with you!" WTF. When did this turn into a Creed concert...I'd still embrace the girl guitarist...."With arms with open!"

1:45 Joseph Arthur: Joseph Arthur kind of rocks. You can never go wrong with three guitars. I'm debating if i should tell people I was introduced to him by Fox's "The O.C."........Too late. Added bonus, a kind of hot girl guitarist. I shall call her Meg 2.o. OR maybe Amy Maples.

1:18: Jesse Malin: He went on a rant, while in song, about Craig's List, My Space, Youtube, and countless other Del staples. What the fuck! Is he Amish? Fuck him and his David Gray sounding ass.Good luck w/ your career..........BABYLON!

12:57: Couldn't have said it any better.

12:37: Easily the worst job in Austin. Doubt they're selling too many phones when they're drenched in middle aged sweat.

NOON Austin City Limits: It's noon, I've been here for ten minutes and I'm already sweating like a Bihler. Time for beer.

10:ooam Austin Hilton: First artist will be Joseph Arthur at 1:30pm. So sorry you Sarah Hickman and Loretta Williams of the world...I'm not getting up early to see your Lilith Fair asses. Breakfast now. Updates to follow. If only I had a camera phone I could update on the fly. Damn you Blackberry 8700, why can't you be more like the Blackberry Curve!

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