Sunday, September 16, 2007

Austin Day Three - 6:30pm Wilco

This was one of the bands I've always wanted to see but for some reason or another it never panned out. Today was the day. They were awesome.

If only they played "Misunderstood"

Too bad the crowd for them SUCKED. It seemed like the rednecks of the world have adopted Wilco as "their" band for the weekend . Lots of Hootin and Hollerin. This one slack jawed yokel would wait for a nice quiet part of a song, tap his girlfriend (or sister...perhaps both) on her shoulder and say "Watch this". He'd then proceed to do some crazy Lone Star mating call. Of course that would be followed up with a power high-five.

He was very excited

Wilco was on their game today...but I gotta say Jeff Tweedy has seen better days.

I wish i could say "on to The Decemberists" but they are way on the other side and 1/2 through their set. If today taught me anything its all about the front. No shot I'm going to sit in the back for a 1/2 set. Bob Dylan...maybe next time. I'm officially done w/ ACL for 2007.

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